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Discover the differences between a hotel and a caravan

Published on April 26, 2018 by campingfreehost

You’ve always liked to travel. Knowing new places and learning different cultures. Summer is coming and with it the planning of the holidays. Lately, you’ve been thinking about the freedom to escape on your own without any ties or reservations of any kind.

You’re wondering if you buy a caravan. Would it be a good choice? Our answer is .. Yes! It is true that it is a long-term investment. But you’re sure to pay it off. It will be the main stage of all your vacations. In this article we get you out of doubt and we tell you some advantages between staying in a hotel and getting lost in a caravan wherever you want.

viajar en caravana

Benefits of Buying a Caravan

Acquiring this kind of vehicle is an investment that will allow you to enjoy your vacation in a very different way than you were doing so far. Traveling in a caravan is an unforgettable experience. A way to savor the world that can not be explained in words.

What differences will you find between a hotel and a caravan? Take note.

2. More economical: If you are traveling with your family you will probably need to make several hotel reservations. This means a series of expenses that you will not have traveling on your own in a caravan. You will all sleep together and not worry about whether children make noise or not.

3. More comfortable: Although a hotel has everything you could need, in your caravan you will be like in your own house. In fact, in a short time it will become your home with wheels and there will be no hotel to match it in comfort. If you have pets, they will be able to travel and sleep with you without any problem and the children will be at ease. In short, a hotel has its limitations, but your caravan does not.

4. More healthy: When traveling in a caravan you can make food, therefore you control the food and its cooking. In a hotel you have to assume the food they put without knowing how it has been cooked and if it is all fresh.

5. Improvise: You will be able to stop in small towns that are on the way and that you did not intend to stop. In addition, you will have the opportunity to stop where you want. CampingFree we offer you many properties, from rustic plots to cottages or campsites.

6. Traveling with children: Traveling in a caravan is one of the preferred options when traveling with children. In addition, you can raise awareness about the importance of caring for and respecting the environment and familiarize them with nature.


diferencias entre un hotel y una caravana

The truth is that knowing the world in a caravan allows you a contact with nature and a freedom that does not give you the need to go from hotel to hotel. For this and other reasons, more and more people opt for this type of vacation and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. Because if you try it once, you will not want to travel any other way. Traveling in a caravan engages, and makes it a constant accumulation of experiences. Now that you know the differences between traveling between a hotel or a caravan, which one do you stay with?

Do you tell us your experience? What are the main advantages of traveling in a caravan for you?

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